MPC-EII Series

MPC-EII series MPC-EII series

Mpc-EII series

Crossrail-Elevated Double Column Type Machining Center MPC-EII Series developed with Advanced Technologies
Crossrail elevation (1000mm) and ram travel (900mm) capable of machining in the range from a plate-like workpiece under the optimum conditions.

  • Wide range of machine size variations
    - The machine size can be variously changed by combining a distance between columns such as 2100mm, 2600mm, 3100,mm with various table sizes.
  • High Speed and High Torque Spindle
    - The spindle incorporated in the ram adopts maximum spindle speed of 4000min-1(option).Each spindle having a large capacity of maximum torque of 1528 N-m exhibits excellent cutting performances.
  • Spindle Variation
    - The attachment system including various types of attachments is adopted to be capable of a variety of machining. Further, it is possible to machine workpieces by using AAI(automatic attachment index) capable of indexing every 1° (option).
  • Rapid feed performances
    - Roller guideways adopted X,Y, and W axes
    - Rapid traverse (X,Y axis): 25m/min(MPC=2140EII-3160EII)