SB-16R/20R type G

The Latest Model Joining the SB-R Series

with GuideBush / Non-Guide Bush Switching Function

By selecting a G.B. type, tool post and tool unit arranging them according to the machining process it enables many different kind of machine option.

  • For long parts, the G.B. type can be used to regulate material deflection and achieve accurate machining. For short parts, the N.G.B. type can be used to minimize the residual material length and reduce the material cost.
  • A movable control panel can be introduced for operation at an optimum position.
  • A tool post best suited for the desired machining purpose can be selected from four types.
  • The 4-spindle-type unit for back working can readily accommodate rotating tool drive options.
  • Both the main spindle and sub spindle are equipped with a C-axis control function as standard equipment.
  • The main spindle incorporates a built-in motor to achieve improved indexing accuracy.