Super Fine Hole EDM Drilling
Amazing-Hole Size (Dia.)0.03mm
Introducing CT300FX-SF02FX is the key to bring you a possibility for producing smaller and lighter designed products. This system can produce 0.03mm hole with tolerance of ±0.001mm without electrode forming. By this precision, you can make 100 holes in area of 5.0mmx0.5 which looks just a dot. "Jet Tool Changer" (PAT.P) can change electrode size of 0.03mm automatically. Plus CT300FX-SF02FX cover electrode size not only extra-small such as 0.02mm but also large size upt o 3.0mm (Optional Max. 6.0mm)

Elenix-Computerized Numerical Controller
New designed control based on HMI (Human Machine Interface) come with conversational screen. It has many function as selectable edge-search, registering parameter by material, plotting, and more.


  • Fine energy tuning
  • Guide Structure for extremely small electronic
  • Tool change for minimum diameter of 0.03mm

Submersible Tilt Rotate Axes
By just adding RT120N-5, process would be easier for complicated shape such as nozzle. Moreover, submerging makes hole finish fine.

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